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Te is fiam, Bluetooth



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I can't get no satisfaction
An hour and a half of procastinating today.
Ate ice-cream & cherries, and called my friend in Helsinki. I missed his dissertation (he became an MD). I congratulated him, and told him that I'm sorry that I couldn't go in person, even if he invited me (exams + no money) But I've told him, that he should pay us a visit with his wife next summer...

Oh and... I also youtubed.
Here is what I've found.

This kid actually PLAYS all of my favourite classic rock songs at the age of 9.

He even played Sweet Child O'Mine
I also found a Blue Man Group perf ..... (Uhm.. alternative rock concert?!)
Bi's Yodel song (sung by a girl in english) from the film I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay.
And a girl singing in an O_O;;;; way...... + One more girl with a Christina Aguilera voice.

Yoshi! Back to work! >:3



I had to give first aid to a guy today. He was riding his motorbike in the nearby forrest when he suddenly ran into a snub and hurt his neck (it turned purple and got cut at several places, although it was nothing serious, it almost didn't bleed at all).
He stopped by at our house to ask for help.
He had pretty blue eyes @_@; ... and were gulping in a funny way while I was touching his neck.
But that's all xD

I know.
I'm spamming you with useless things. Sorry~ 
  • A kissrác nagyon ott van *____________* UWAAAAAA, TENSAI DAYO!!!!!!! *__________*

    És a fekete rucis csaj is eszméletlen *______* Wow wow wow wow woooooooow :OOO
    A másik viszont nem tetszik.... Tipikus Amerikai-énekes-hangja van (tod, az a nyávogós féle, mint Britney Spears-szé :/ )

    De az a kissrác..... :OOO Remélem 10 év múlva viszont látom a világ tetején 8DDD Ott a helye *___* *impressed so much*

    EDIT: Honnan szerezted a japán SMS jeleket? :333

    Edited at 2008-05-25 05:07 pm (UTC)
    • Ugyeugyeugyeeeee? 8D
      Zseni a kölök <333

      Hát igen... Tényleg eléggé olyan a hangja ._.
      De igazából az döbbentett engem meg, hogy ennyi idősen lehet valakinek ilyen hangja #_#
      (Igen, ahhoz hogy valakinek ilyen nyávogós hangja legyen, ahhoz dolgozni kell egy csomót xD;;)

      Anoo... azokat lementettem és itt megtalálod őket, ha kellenek neked is:
  • I had to give first aid to a guy today.
    de romantikus. XDDDDDDDD még jó, hogy nem volt szélhámos és rabolt ki vagy ilyesmi.
  • i had to give first aid to a guy today.
    better first aid than the second base.
  • how are you? ;A; I miss you loads. Update soon ne. <33
    • Gaaah... sorryyy T_T
      Sorry I've been away from the net so much :(

      I didn't want anybody to worry :(

        Don't worry, I could only imagine how busy you are with life.
        But at least I know you still check your LJ. :)
        Update when you can. <3
        • Yeah I really am/was... Sorry :/
          I was really happy to know that you still want to hear about me T_T ♥♥♥
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