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Te is fiam, Bluetooth



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I can't get no satisfaction
What's missing from this entry:

To the PORTAL topic:
I've found Still Alive's original by Jonathan, and the Japanese version too! *rolls* XDDDDDDDDDDD


After being unable to learn Buffydance, I 've managed to learn Hardstep in... 20 seconds. I love it, although my legs are totally dead from it after dancing through a whole song (I guess I've tried too hard *noob*) xD

Buffydance is a Hungarian techno dance style, where you are stepping on your toes, but actually dancing and walking while turning on your heels. Lame vid with a good example
If you ever want to see an awsome buffydancer, we'll film Ricsoo for you >8D

Hardstep seems to be an Austrian style, where you are dancing on your toes. Even if it looks like as if you were stepping on your heels, you are not putting weight on them, only touch the ground.
This is hardstep aka. viennastyle:

(If anybody wants to learn, here is a tutorial. By the way, this guy also made a jumpstyle vid... Check his tags!! That's what I call marketing!!! 8D)
Buffydance is MUCH harder to learn, but seems so much easier o_o;
Aaaaaand..... Mean Kitty Song for everyone!! xD (Thanks Sandy!)
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