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Hi! This here, is my personal blog. ^_^
of the entries are f-locked. (You have to be registered at LJ, and friended by me, to read them.) The upload pages for Arashi and the others are unlocked. Same goes for The Pocket Money Project.

Please note that:
1. I have fangirl personality. I don't like things. I'm in love with them.
2. English is not my native language.
3. I love pimping my own culture, and the stuffs I like.
4. This is a blog. I write about things that happened in my life.
5. I will NOT be able to read your LJ, because I'm really busy at the university. :(

If you are still interested in friending me, then please
1. Read my profile to find out if we have common interests.

2. Comment here to be added.
I can't get no satisfaction


An hour and a half of procastinating today.
Ate ice-cream & cherries, and called my friend in Helsinki. I missed his dissertation (he became an MD). I congratulated him, and told him that I'm sorry that I couldn't go in person, even if he invited me (exams + no money) But I've told him, that he should pay us a visit with his wife next summer...

Oh and... I also youtubed.
Here is what I've found.

This kid actually PLAYS all of my favourite classic rock songs at the age of 9.

He even played Sweet Child O'Mine
I also found a Blue Man Group perf ..... (Uhm.. alternative rock concert?!)
Bi's Yodel song (sung by a girl in english) from the film I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay.
And a girl singing in an O_O;;;; way...... + One more girl with a Christina Aguilera voice.

Yoshi! Back to work! >:3



I had to give first aid to a guy today. He was riding his motorbike in the nearby forrest when he suddenly ran into a snub and hurt his neck (it turned purple and got cut at several places, although it was nothing serious, it almost didn't bleed at all).
He stopped by at our house to ask for help.
He had pretty blue eyes @_@; ... and were gulping in a funny way while I was touching his neck.
But that's all xD

I know.
I'm spamming you with useless things. Sorry~ 
I can't get no satisfaction

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I've sketched this, while I was listening to a song made by [Victims of Science] from the PORTAL fandom.
They've altered the voice of GLaDOS and the turrets into singing of some sort... @_@;

mp3 here.
Even if it is not even good for a sketch, it felt so nice sketching it up.
(I've missed drawing... #_#)
Well... I just wanted to show that I'm alive and doing things... ._.

Speaking of fandoms..
° I'm still watching the vids Marle gave me. Not to mention, that I re-watched some
° I can't wait Last Friends subbed version @_@. (I need some psycho-ness in my life)
° Dream Boys photo & post card set = WIN

I've been playing a browser-based game, Ikariam on the net for a week now.
It is ideal for uni students. You play 5 minutes per day at the uni lab, and it takes care of the rest xD
If anybody wants to join I'm on the hungarian Gamma sever, but it is available in a lot of languages.

On thursday, I had to attend to a funeral. My grandma's sister died. I couldn't stand crying...
(I so hate crying in front of people =_=;)


I've failed the fist test for the qualifications. And it'll only get worse... =_=;
I need to turn in the semester projects soon *tearing hair off from head* AAARRGGGHHH
Oh well... "I'LL manage it"

I've got praised by the salsa teacher. He said I'm good at dancing. He doesn't do that much (he only said something nice to one of the students: "Your turn was nice"), and I was absent from a lot of lessons lately, so it was really heart-warming~

Next week I'll have to participate in an orienteering competition. Maps+running ....? *nervous*
I can't get no satisfaction

Go Hungary!

Today there was a holiday in our country.
Today we are celebrating the freedom fighters from the year 1984. ( +all the things that happened on the 15th of March back then)

Not many people know about our people...
My brother took this pic from a book we found on the shelf in the duty free shop. It was about Hungary. I wondered how other people see us, so I asked him to take a pic, so I can read it later.

When I'm saying that not many people know about us, (even if we are in the center of Europe, and had a lot of famous inventions, artists etc ) such videos prove me right:

@ World Cyber Games' Samsung Euro Championship ...

- Good morning Italy! How are you?
- ... Errrr.... We are from Hungary ^^;;;;
- You are hungry? That's good!

(italian flag: here Hungarian flag: here)

Well.... That happens to us a lot of times...

Even the page about Hungary in Wikipedia is a joke... >_>;
I can't get no satisfaction

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I saw this film tonight.
I watched it, because I downloaded the soundtrack in december, and I loved it! (*pimp* Anybody wants the mp3s? ^^;)
Wanna.Play.This.On.Guitarrrrrrrrrrr *_____*

The film is super good by the way!
I recommend it to everybody, who like comedies ^_^
You rock!


Something fun to start your day with :D
I too want a dorky husband when I'll get married >_< ... someday xD
I can&#39;t get no satisfaction


Hey people!

I'd like to make a friends cut beause I won't have time to check LJs next semester (I'd like to participate in a research at the university and I'll need to get a job. It is needed for my university papers), plus most people friended me, when I was posting about JE.
So for the most of you, it is useless to read my entries from now on.

1. I won't post about JE in my personal blog, only things about my real life. I'll post anything Arashi in HAF.
2. I won't read your LJ. I even changed My F.O. entry to make that clear. I'll check randomly of course, but if I won't read something, then don't get surprised.

I won't get disappointed or anything like that if you don't want to be on my f-list.  No drama. We'll still be friends and talk on MSN/Y!M of course.
Stay on my friends' list only if you want to read my entries.

This entry will be here for a month. So if there is somebody who can come here only once a month, that person can still see it.
If you don't want to be on the list, then either don't make a comment or say that you don't want to be on the list.
If you do want to stay, then comment here, or tell me in any other ways.

Thanks for your attention, and sorry for asking you for this.