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I can't get no satisfaction



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August 23rd, 2007


I can't get no satisfaction
I'm super happy now.

We've just finished our own little celebrating with my family and friends 8D

Our soccer team won against the world champion Italy~ (^_^)/

And .. I know one of the players who played on the field~ ^_^

August 6th, 2007

The Pocket Money Project

I can't get no satisfaction


June 29th, 2007

I'm lovin' it

I can't get no satisfaction

June 24th, 2007

(no subject)

I can't get no satisfaction
Did you know?
The "@" mark has a real meaning in a lot of languages. Hungary: wormy. Italy: snake. Czech Rep.: salted herring rolls. Denmark: pigtail. Finnland: cattail. French: snail. Greece: little frog. China: little mouse (mandarin). Russia: doggy. Germany: spider monkey (lit.: hanging monkey). Sweden: (elephant's) trunk or cinnamon roll. Turkey: rose

June 16th, 2007

ningen tetris 8D

I can't get no satisfaction
hmm... was that Taka-san at the end? :P

June 7th, 2007

Good Stuff - others

I can't get no satisfaction
For Arashi, please go here

This is a page where I collect links for download sites. Under the download sites, you can see different links. These are the files I (re)uploaded, and the torrents I (re)seed(ed) for my friends so far. I put the links out here too, because they don't expire after a single download, and this is how other people can make good use of them too ^^

If I'll make any new (re)uploads or find new pages, this entry will be edited.


Gray hearts mean that the file is not available anymore,
black hearts indicate that the file seems to be available...

Highlightened files are the ones that became available for download this week.

Clubbox users! Please check out
Pinkujisatsu's Clubbox Collection

] Kanjani 8

Recommended uploaders' sites:

Cattness' Kanjani 8 source
Have A Break, Have A Ryo
subaru_wind8's collection of Subaru's songs
Kansaiboys Fansub
Candy in Bed


Honjani 2006.05.09 Pet Photography: pt1 [TU] pt2 [TU] pt3 [TU] pt4 [TU]
Honjani 2003.10.07 Italian Cooking - 2nd try  Ohkura+Yasuda team preparing penne
Honjani intro (swimming) [MU]

Kanjani 8: Shamisen Boogie [video rip] [RS]
Kanjani 8: christmas songs at Excite [BU]
Kanjani 8: Heavenly Psycho Maruyama View (Excite) [MF]
Kanjani 8: Performance of "One" from Excite Bonus [BU]
Kanjani 8: Medley 2003.07.27 [QS] Suki na dake today, Julia, Tayori ni shitemasse, Shelter, Dreamin' Blood
Kanjani 8: Medley 2003.09.14 [QS] That's the way (I like it), Long Train Runnin', September, All of me for you
Fancam piece (2006.05.05; Yajirushi) Ohkura fell off from stage? [QS]

Kanjani 8 Survival [QS]
Young Nishikido Ryo "horseriding" [MF]
Yoko kisses Hina on the lips [MF]


Kanjani 8: FTO (mp3) [TU]
Kanjani 8: F.T.O. (Album) pt1  [MF]  pt2 [MF]
Kanjani 8: Osaka Rainy Blues (mp3) [TU]
Kanjani 8: Do you Agree (from Excite); Stance [MU]
Kanjani 8: Explosion [MF] (mp3 rip from Honjani)
V.WEST: Julia (rip) [QS]


Yoko kisses Hina on the lips (gif) [BU]



ノーマターマター from Cartoon KAT-TUN II You - Disc 2 [MF]
Peak from Cartoon KAT-TUN II You [MF]
Real Face#1 from Real Face [MF]
Signal [MF]

Akanishi Jin: Care [MF]
Akanishi Jin: Ha-Ha (long version, lower quality) [MF]
Akanishi Jin: Lovejuice [MF]
Akanishi Jin: Pinky [MF]

Cartoon KAT-TUN music

Avril Lavigne: Girlfriend [MF] - opening
Avril Lavigne: Girlfriend (Japanese version) [MF]
Olav Basoski: Waterman - 100Q background music
Kool & The Gang: Jungle Boogie [MF] - Darttun5 background music


Zanekong's NewS videos
Aayachi's NewS collection
Asteri5k's NewS related audio collection


YamaP: LoveXXXX 2006.01.15 [TU]


♥ Arigatou Ima [MF]
Master Hits 2007.02.23 (100th) [MF] Kei and Shige on the phone; collection of bloopers of the past 100 shows
Kato Shigeaki & Yamashita Tomohisa: Road (low quality) [BU]

[ジャニーズJr.] Johnny's Junior


Johnny's Junior: Primavera (Shounen Club 2006.09.10; Song from Ohno's butai: Shinseki Emotion) [BU]
Joey Tee & Adam: Until the End (shounen club 2006.09.10) [BU]


Joanna's Asian Download Directory

Short clip from Def Tech's live concert on Okinawa [MF] ( the promo vid on their page)

Excel Saga OST: Ai (Chuuseishin)  [MF]
Hamasaki Ayumi: Humming 7/4 [MF]
Namie Amuro pack 01 (Queen of Hip Pop album; Violet Sauce (Anotha Recipe); Four Seasons; Want Me, Want Me  feat. VERBAL (m-flo), Come; Can't Sleep ,Can't Eat, I'm Sick)
Yoshida Brothers: Ayumi (walking) [MF]
Yoshida Brothers: Madrugada [MF]
Japanese music pimping pack [MF] Spitz: Mahou no Kotoba, Amuro Namie: Come, Morning Musume: Osaka Koi no Uta, Kanjani8: Osaka Rainy Blues, TOKIO: Sorafune, NewS: Sayaendou, BoA: The Love Bug, Nujabes: Horn in the Middle, GYM: My Angel, ONE OK ROCK: Rose Blood, Arashi: Lucky Man, Arashi: Te Agero, FLOW: Answer, KAT-TUN: Real Face #1, Sakurai Sho: Fly To The Moon, ENDLICHERI ENDLICHERI: Soraganakukara, Def Tech: KONOMAMA Def Tech re-introducing RIZE

Namuro Amie: Queen of Hip Pop album part1 [MF] part2 [MF]

Casshern fanvid (Prodigy: Spitfire) [RS]
Casshern screencaps [RS]

Princess Princess D making photobook [MF]


Fuujin's Super Junior link dump
Joanna's Asian Download Directory

[Pump It Up] Tashannie - Don't Bother Me [TU]

Big Bang GDYB dancing [MF]


Fahrenheit Music Videos
JenEm at Filefront


Pearl's music rotation LJ
KiKi's Music Uploads

Classic Mediaplayer (a version which is able to make screencaps) [TU]
Super (program to convert mediatypes into eachother. For eaxmple from mp4 or flv to avi, gp3, mp3  etc)

Alex Gaudino Ft.Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria [MF] Music Video

Hungarian music pack [MF] (For language learning purposes. Not really singable ones.)
Paródia a finn-magyar nyelvrokonságról [MF]

Buena Vista Social Club: Amor de Loca Juventud [MF]
Diana King: Ain't Nobody [MF]
Emil.Rulez! : Fent [RS]
Emil.Rulez! : Hello Tourist [RS]

In Extremo: Küss Mich (music video / PV) [RS]
In Extremo: Küss Mich (mp3) [RS]

Kiscsillag: Russian in the School [BU]
Kool & The Gang: Jungle Boogie [MF]
Király Linda & Gáspár Laci: Endless Love [MF]
Liberty X: Being Nobody [MF]
Liquido: Doubledecker [TU]
Miri Ben Ari: She Was Just a Friend [BU]
N*E*R*D: Lap Dance [MF]
Nickelback: Rockstar [MF]
O brother where art thou soundtrack (OST) part 1 [MF] part 2 [MF]
ONI soundtrack: Trailer [MF]
Outkast: Idlewild Blue (Don'tchu Worry 'bout Me) [MF]
Shogo M.A.D. soundtrack: Maritropa [MF]
The Donnas: All Messed Up [MF]
The John Butler Trio: Funky Tonight [MF]
The John Butler Trio: Zebra [MF]
♥ Victims of Science: The Device Has Been Modified [MF]
3 Doors Down: That smell [RS]

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May 21st, 2007

(no subject)

I can't get no satisfaction
Rigon is a genious.
No, really.
I already thought that when he came out with the idea of KAT-TUN NETWORK - bishounen 24/7.

Dir en Grey

Explanation: in Hungarian forums (also on MSN) the first smiley is always called "dirr" after the sound of a punch... and the second one is obvious.

March 25th, 2007

I've just finished watching HanaKimi's 10th episode, and I'm REALLY looking forward to the other 5 eps.
Whoever may not be familiar with the manga: It is about a girl (Rui Xi), who pretends to be a boy, to be able to go to the all boys' school her high-jump idol(, Quan) goes to. As you expect it from a drama, they end up living in the same room in dorm nr2... :)

Whoever watched Princess Princess D, please watch thisone too. <3
.... and help me buy it XD

Wiki articles: Huang Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu, Fahrenheit, S.H.E.
Subbing group: SUBlimes

February 24th, 2007


Whoever does the meme, is supposed to upload 5 songs, and explain why he/she chose them ^^
I've got Letter 'A' from Ryo(ko).
If anybody wants to take the meme, comment, to get a letter

1. Arigatou Ima by NewS [MF]
Cheesy-style song, which's chessyness is I still tolerable for me = luv <3

2. Ayumi (walking) by Yoshida Brothers [MF]
Japanese traditional-like music (I guess it is played on shamisen @_@)

3. All Messed Up by the Donnas [MF]
I luv them :D I got to know them after I heard Take It Off <3

4. Ai (Chuuseishin) from Excel Saga OST [MF]

5. Amor de Loca Juventud by Buena Vista Social Club [MF]
Because you need a little peaceful dinner-music too sometimes ^_^/

Here is the list of all A-music you might want me to upload :P If you want any of these, all you ned to do is comment, and I'll upload ^_^

Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet
A little less conversation by JXL vs Elvis
Adagio For Strings by Tiesto
All My Life by Foo Fighters
A day by athmosphere supreme by Nujabes
Awake by Godsmack
Ave Maria (Live) by In Extremo
About A Girl by Nirvana
Aint My Bitch by Metallica
Aerials by System of a Down
Asche zu Asche by Rammstein
Away From The Sun by 3 Doors Down
Action Radar by Prodigy
All over Again by Justin Timberlake
Aim For The Head by Ruff ryders
Aya by Yamanaka Kisho (Weiss Kreuz OST)

Akinek látsz by Tankcsapda
Afgan by Besh o DroM
Állnak a Férfiak by Kiscsillag
Az az idő by Kiscsillag

Ai no Katamari by Kinki Kids
Absense of Mind by Bice (Kimi wa petto OST)
All Of Me For You by Kanjani 8
Alarm by Namie Amuro
Akaku Moyuru Taiyou by NewS

And of course all the Arashi "A"s xD Especially A Day in Our Life, All Or Nothing Ver 1.02, Arashi No Mae No Shizukesa, Ai shiteru to ienai, but I could really go on with that xDDDD
Hey don't laugh. There are people on my f-list who never heard an Arashi song before.

February 18th, 2007


I can&#39;t get no satisfaction

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